About Cellaron

Cellaron is a diversified business founded in 1980 by our honorable president Mr. Sheikh Farid. The group's business portfolio includes hybrid phone cases, wallet phone cases, pouches, holsters, otter boxes, screen cases, car and travel chargers, Li-ion batteries, and more! With the collaborative effort of our U.S. and Chinese design teams, new products are created every week for different phone models and phone carriers, including AT&T, Boost, T-Mobile, Verizon phone accessories, and more.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California Since 1980, Cellaron has been a recognized cell phone accessory distributor in the mobile industry. Our warehouse occupies over 3000 square feet of space and utilizes the latest product distribution system to maximize company efficiencies. Cellaorn advanced IT system, coupled with its cutting-edge website,is able to facilitate design, manufacturing, material circulation, sales, marketing and customer service to ensure that wholesalers and retailers experience prompt service and an efficient fulfillment process.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring every order is packed with precision and care.


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